In this session ,we have gained tremendous amount of knowledge about the ansible automation .

We have learnt about the real life use cases of the ansible like why it is how automation help in integrating small small task
and makes the deployment enourmosly faster.

Explained about the use cases of the ansible in the industry.
How it is important to learn for student .

In automation ,it is better to automate small small task rather than automation complex one.Because these help in making a quality product and also help in understanding each and every bit.

we have ansible which is easy to learn and how it can helps student to seperate them from the crowd and land ourself in the good job.

sir talk about the ansible tower and why it is used

To check the status of the ansible tower server cmd:- ansible-tower-service status
Ansible tower provides the api and webui of accessing the
ansible .

It provide the easy way to automate the third party
technology which takes the automation to next level.

Think about the situation when controller node fail which
is single point of failure .so that create problem when it fails.
so Ansible tower provides the clustering feature of the
controller node which shares the common database to provides
the more reliability.

we have seen how we launch the infrasture of vpc and all the set up using
ansible which help in the ci and cd .

Think about ,with every changes in the changes ,it has become
possbie to do the changes more frequently and in faster way
so easily.

we launched the amazon ec2 with the help of the ansible
Amazon uses the ansible in the backend.

orchestration is the step by step automation which is done
in right order and if one of the service fail.then there
is a way through which it revive itself.

we learnt about how to create the workflow of multiple
playbook of the ansible .
we saw the demo of ci and cd using ansible where quality
assurance test is done automatically by the ansible.

we learnt about how to do ci cd with the chatops where ,we will notification of each and every bit of the workflow of job templates

Sir also explained ,if we combine both ansible and the terraform ,we can take the advantages of both of this.

ansible is used for workflow colloboration which actually
help in the collaboration among the team member.

That is all the real use cases and the demo of ansible which I have learnt in this session.

I’m very grateful to Vimal Daga sir and Preeti Ma’am for helping us to learn out of the box. Thank u Sir and Ma’am for giving us a platform to explore more n more. Thanks to Mr. Sreejith Anujan Sir and Mr. Arun Eapen sir.

Thanks a lots for reading my blog.




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